I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before – plastic is filling up our oceans, choking wildlife and the planet as we know it is headed for certain destruction. All right, now we’ve got that part out of the way, its time to loosen your shoulders, clear your head and get ready for some action.

Boomerang Bags is driven by communities, for communities! Find a community near you to get involved, click on the pin closest to your area or search the map for contact details.

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Boomerang Bags relies solely on the time and generosity of volunteers.

Boomerang Bag communities need donations of second-hand materials, and volunteers to help with cutting, pinning, ironing, sewing and stamping to make re-useable Boomerang Bags.

Contact your nearest community (by searching the map) to volunteer or donate materials.

Start a Boomerang Bags Community

Couldn’t find any communities nearby to your area?

Register to become a Boomerang Bags coordinator for your local community, and we will provide you with a toolkit of resources to help successfully implement the initiative within your local area.

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Start by making your own Boomerang Bag!

1. Dedicate a day to “bag making”.

2. Call up some friends and ask them if they’d like to join you for a fun day

3. Collect unused second-hand materials from your own home, from friends, family or thrift shops

4. Check out the sample Boomerang Bags template (this is just a guide – feel free to use your own designs)

5. Add Boomerang Bags logo (you can grab the stamps, or a pack of pre-stamped patches from the online shop)

6. Use your Boomerang Bag in place of plastic bags! Store them in your hand bag or car for next time you go shopping, use them to wrap gifts in, give them away to family, friends, colleagues, or the re-useable bagless customer in the line at the shops! Be an example and inspire others to do the same!


A little goes a long way! Support our movement to reduce waste, raise awareness and foster sustainable behaviour, by donating funds which help us continue our work. Contributions over $50 will receive their very own re-useable bag hand-made by our volunteers from recycled materials!

Donation Information

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How your donation helps

$25 supports the production of 10 Boomerang Bags, replacing over 5500 plastic bags from being used each year.

$50 supports the production of 20 Boomerang Bags, replacing over 11,000 plastic bags from being used each year.

$100 supports the production of 40 Boomerang Bags, replacing over 22,000 plastic bags from being used each year.

$250 supports the production of 100 Boomerang Bags, replacing over 55,000 plastic bags from being used each year.

Material Donation

If you have any material that you no longer have a need for we would be happy to take it off your hands. We accept banners, fabric end of rolls, linens, and curtains. Your trash is our treasure! Use the map above to locate a community near you and get in touch.