Boomerang Bags kicked off in 2013 when Co-founders, Tania Potts and Jordyn de Boer met up with the dream of reducing plastic bags within their community of Burleigh Heads. Thanks to dozens of amazing supporters and hundreds of dedicated volunteers, Boomerang Bags is now spreading into communities Australia-wide!

Our team is constantly growing. If you want to start Boomerang Bags in your local area, or join a community near you, get in touch with us.


Jordyn de Boer 

When Jordyn isn’t working on Boomerang Bags, you’ll find her out in the surf. The ocean is her second home and a place where she finds her inspiration and a sense of peace. Jordyn has always been actively working towards keeping our oceans and natural environment clean, with a degree in Environmental Science, she has worked in the field of conservation for a number of years.  Her vision is to bring education about plastics, health, and the environment to local communities and inspire positive behaviour change towards sustainable lifestyles.

Tania Potts

Tania is passionate about eliminating the production and use of plastics. She is a mum of four, a permaculturist, and a caring member of the Burleigh Heads community. She spent many years pursuing her passion of flying and is now flying through the community, making Boomerang Bags and spreading her passion to inspire positive change within our society.


The life of Boomerang Bags is our volunteers! Every day, all over Australia, beautiful people are offering their time in service. Kids, teens, dads, grandmas… you name it. We are so grateful for the endless support we receive from the community, and welcome everyone to join in our efforts to create a plastic free future!