Boomerang Bags Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Mystery Island is a small uninhabited coral cay off the much larger Aneityum Island, the most southernmost island in the Vanuatu Archipelago.  Mystery Island is famed for its white sand beaches and pristine marine ecosystem. Mystery Island is not inhabited but is serviced by Aneghowhat villagers on Aneityum who travel to the island by boat.  Mystery Island is a popular destination for cruise ships because of its deep water mooring and natural beauty.

The Boomerang Bags Mystery Island Group is based in Aneghowhat village.

Aneghowhat village’s main source of income are these cruise ships and the small market stalls that service the tourists.  These enterprises have allowed women from the village to make a living.  Unfortunately, many of these small businesses have been established selling very cheap imported products. Often plastic, these too are contributing to the environmental issues.

The group make Bought to Support bags to sell to tourists at a low cost to educate visiting tourists on the damaging nature of disposable plastic bags and other plastic debris to the delicate marine environment. These funds are being used to create a Sewing Center for 20 local women.

As Aneityum is very isolated the group would be most appreciative of fabric donations from passing cruise ships and the yachts that often seek shelter in the protected bay.


Where should people donate materials?:

Estelle David Stall 15 at Mystery Island Market.
If you know someone travelling on a South Pacific cruise with stopover at Mystery Island or someone sailing the South Pacific, please ask if they can drop in fabric, cottons etc. at Mystery Island

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