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This is a new group currently being set up.  So far it is only me and a few supporters.  I volunteer at the Salvation Army Thrift Store here in Tillsonburg and am working with them to set up a reusable bag program at the store.  The thrift store is donating items that are unsellable but are a great source of fabric, which can be reused to make bags.

I made and donated several bags to the store this past winter, which they sold.  Now moving forward, all the donated bags will be part of their reusable bag program.  We are encouraging customers to bring their own bag, but realize that we all forget sometimes, so we will have reusable bags for FREE.  When customers take one of the bags, we ask that they keep & continue to reuse it or donate it back to the store.  We hope the program will sustain itself by having a constant supply of Boomerang Bags made and donated, as well as customers donating any extra reusable bags they may have at home.

Hopefully there will eventually be other community groups or businesses that would become part of the Boomerang Bag movement.

If you have a passion for sewing/and or are interested in reducing single use plastic bags in our community, please contact me so we can get the group growing.  Even if you don’t sew, there are other ways you can help, such as ironing & cutting fabric, eventually making labels, or helping to organize sewing workshops.


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