Boomerang Bags is a global, grassroots movement

Connecting and empowering local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source.

boomerang bags made

local communities involved worldwide

kilograms of waste diverted from landfill

How Boomerang Bags works

Boomerang Bags is about connecting communities, making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, fostering sustainable behaviour, and having a bit of fun!

You and your local community can be involved in any or all of this process. Find your nearest community to volunteer or donate materials, or start your own boomerang bags community!



Gather or donate fabrics


Distribute, and start conversations!

How to get involved

Search your location via the map to find a community near you, or browse all Boomerang Bags communities to see what they’re up to.

If there isn’t a community near you, you can start one locally with the help of our free, user-friendly Toolkit!

Donate materials

Have a cupboard full of leftover quilting fabric, doona covers or pillow cases? Find and contact your nearest community, and they will gladly give your pre-loved materials a new home and new life!

Join a community

Have a few spare hours up your sleeve? Find a community near you and get in touch with the local co-ordinator to be part of the movement. 

Create a community

Couldn’t find a community near you? Create one in your local area! A community can be one person, or a village. We’ll support you with the tools and resources to get started.

Words from our volunteers…

“After many years of just sewing bags at home, I was delighted at the friendships made at Boomerang Bags sewing bees … no longer a solitary hobby for me.”

Boomerang Bags Volunteer

“This bag project has opened my eyes and made me realise there are jobs out there when we leave school where we can help save our environment.”

Mount St Benedict College

“Boomerang Bags saved my life and gave me a reason to get up each day.”

Boomerang Bags Volunteer

“I joined Boomerang Bags because I wanted to help in the fight against plastic bags. But the bonus has been meeting some wonderful ladies and having a most enjoyable time while sharing the hobby of sewing.”

Boomerang Bags Volunteer