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what is boomerang bags?

In 2013 we began a conversation about plastic.

We talked about how it was clogging drains, filling landfills, washing up on beaches, floating in our oceans, all the while tangling and strangling marine life and causing all sorts of trouble.

We decided that we couldn’t just sit back and wait for the world to change – we wanted to do something about it!

We brainstormed ideas until we had our ‘ah ha!’ moment:

Making recycled, reusable fabric bags – instead of the plastic shopping bag.

I joined Boomerang Bags because I wanted to help in the fight against plastic bags. But the bonus has been meeting some wonderful ladies and having a most enjoyable time while sharing the hobby of sewing.

Boomerang Bags Volunteer

Watch: ‘The life of a Boomerang Bag’

we had a problem…

How do we make ethical, sustainable products that don’t create more waste?

The answer stared us in the face from the 10.46 million of tonnes of fabric waste that goes into landfill each year. Was it just unwanted fabric? No way!

We realised this was the best material for new super unique bags you could own forever.

our solution needed helpers so…

We became ‘sew sustainable’

We called upon the community – schools, sewing groups, universities, community organisations, councils, businesses, you name it – to collect fabric and help us turn it into bags. Workshops and sewing bees have become a valuable platform to connect with each other, share stories, divert waste from landfill, learn new skills, raise awareness about important issues (not just plastic!) and have fun.

The pilot project in Burleigh Heads created such a buzz among the local community that other communities around Australia wanted to join in the fun. Years later, there are more than 800 Boomerang Bags communities up and running around the globe. It has become a movement towards shifting society’s throw-away mentality to a more sustainable revolution of repurposing and re-use!

Jordyn De Boer


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Our founders

Jordyn de Boer


When Jordyn isn’t working on Boomerang Bags, you’ll find her out in the surf. The ocean is her second home and a place where she finds her inspiration and a sense of peace. Jordyn has always been actively working towards keeping our oceans and natural environment clean, with a degree in Environmental Science, she has worked in the field of conservation for a number of years.  Her vision is to bring education about plastics, health, and the environment to local communities and inspire positive behaviour change towards sustainable lifestyles.

Tania Potts


Tania is passionate about eliminating the production and use of plastics. She is a mum of four, a permaculturist, and a caring member of the Burleigh Heads community. She spent many years pursuing her passion of flying and is now flying through the community, making Boomerang Bags and spreading her passion to inspire positive change within our society.

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