Boomerang Bags South Jordan

Welcome to Utah’s first Boomerang Bags community! This community is based in South Jordan, Utah and is pretty enthusiastic about making the whole of South Jordan plastic bag – free, eventually! ?

Currently, this community has one member – me! ? I have some basic supplies to get started with bag making and will be sewing some Boomerang Bags from my basement.

If you share a passion for sewing and/or Mother Earth and would love to join in, please contact me so we can get the community growing!

Even if you can’t sew, there are many ways to pitch in:





-distributing bags

-making flyers/spreading the word

-sourcing fabric

..or just being a cheerleader! No matter what your age or ability, you can be part of this wonderful mission ?

Please contact me if you would like to donate fabric or other raw materials to help further the cause.

Let’s be the change that we want to see!


South Jordan UT US
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