Adding the logo to
your Boomerang bags

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There are a selection of Boomerang Bags’ logos that can be used and methods of printing that have been tried and tested based on their sustainability, usability and cost effectiveness.

If you have access to local resources (for example screen and screen printing suppliers, embroidery or cricut machines) or other means of adding Boomerang Bags logos, feel free to utilise them. The Boomerang Bags logo has been trademarked, so we do ask that the ‘bright red’ colour and logo remains un-altered (with the exception of the community name added).

Boomerang Bags Logo

Bring your own Bag Logo

Choose to reuse Logo

Translated Logo


FONTS USED: 1. Gotham Black (for community name).   2. Neutra Text (for slogan in circle centre)  

Colour (Red): HEX d8484c 

It’s up to you and your group to decide what is the best way to describe your community or locality. You might like to keep it localised to a small suburb (e.g Boomerang Bags Toowong), or, if collaborating with other nearby Boomerang Bags communities you might like to broaden it to the wider region (e.g ‘Boomerang Bags Brisbane’), and share printing equipment or label costs. 

Please get in touch if you would like your logos translated into a language other than English. So far, the logo has been translated into Spanish, Czech Republic, Arabic, German and Icelandic.


If you would like to have your community name or location added to one of the pictured logos for the purpose of creating a silkscreen, stencil or flyers/promotional materials, please fill in the ‘Custom Logo Design Request’ form. Our amazing designer will send them to you via email once completed. This service is offered free of charge to communities. 

NOTE: These logos are for the purpose of screen printing, flyers and social media. If you would like customised ‘pre-printed labels’, see ‘Pre-printed labels’ details in the next section.

These little embroidered red labels, apart from being super cute, come ready to be sewn straight onto bags. They can also be customised with your location name. These come in two sizes, a minimum order of 300 is required and can be ordered directly through our supplier using the details below:

Option 1 // Pre-ordered labels

Lovingly made in AUSTRALIA

These can be directly ordered from

They come in two sizes:
SMALL(60mm W x 50mm H)
LARGE (75mm W x 75mm H)

This is a cost effective method, as the labels have been purchased in bulk quantities to reduce the price per label.

Option 2 // SEW SUSTAINABLE labels

(no location specified – for our International friends)

For communities outside of Australia, these labels can be used wherever you are in the world. 

If within Australia, these can be directly ordered from 

If outside of Australia, get in touch with us at 

They come in LARGE size (75mm W x 75mm H)

Option 3 // Customised labels

Lovingly made in [COMMUNITY NAME]

You can customise your labels by ordering them directly through our supplier.

They come in two sizes:
SMALL (60mm W x 50mm H)
LARGE (75mm W x 75mm H)

Minimum order of 300 labels. The price per label decreases as the quantity increases.

A little note about these labels…

As we have been unable to find a sustainable source of label options in Australia, we have developed a reliable and respectful relationship with Kiki Kreations. The red labels come from a small town in the Southern State of Tamilnadu in India, run by a family with two employees who receive fair wages. Only the labels are run on a machine using optimal power and the cutting and packing are done by hand. Since working with Boomerang Bags, they have removed the plastic bags that housed the labels and minimised plastic packaging. There may still be sticky tape on the outside boxes to ensure the now loose labels make it safely to their destination. Kiki Kreations are wonderfully respectful, love our work and are part of the global Boomerang Bags family. Should it become available, we would ideally love to transition to Australian-made labels (provided it would also be sustainable), and are therefore keeping our eyes and ears open! Please get in touch with us directly if you have any leads for a more localised and/or sustainable and cost effective source. 

Screen printing is a great method of applying logos to patches or directly onto bags. It’s simple to use, very recognisable on the bags – be prepared to be accosted in the street when the pocket is spotted by another Boomerang Bagger! It’s the cheapest option and you’ll be hard pressed to ask the kids to move over and give you a turn.

Here is a video to see how it’s done.

Once you have received your custom logos (usually two logos can fit onto one screen), you’ll send these files to a screen-printing supplier who can arrange to have the silkscreen created.

We would suggest looking for a local supplier as a first point of call. If you are part of, or working with a school, try the local arts department for suggestions. If there is no-one locally to help, we can recommend the suppliers included in the ‘Supplier List’.

To ensure that your screen lasts, it is important to only use water based screen printing ink for printing. Red is the colour, which has also been trademarked and we ask that this is not altered. We recommend Permaset Aqua Screenprinting Ink as it is the most eco friendly option we have found. Check out to find a stockist near you.

  • If there is too much time between each print, ink can often get stuck in the screen (best to move relatively quickly between patches when printing). Add a dash of water to loosen up the ink or spray water mist onto the screen directly. If this doesn’t work, wash the screen out with water and start again.
  • Hold the squeegee at a 45 degree angle, pull it over the image once (flooding the image with ink), then again but the second time apply a little more pressure to clean the excess ink away.
  • After use, wash screen immediately with water (if ink is left to dry in the screen it becomes more difficult to clean). Use a soft sponge or cloth under running water. Abrasive scrubbers or brushes could damage the fine mesh of the screen.