Welcome to Boomerang Bags Dorset

Launching in May 2019, Boomerang Bags Dorset was the creation of a team of individuals from Education, Business and Community Institutions.  To find out more about our mission and how you can get involved in stocking & making bags or creating additional locations in Dorset please contact us on Facebook @BoomerangBagsDorset

Boomerang Bags is about making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, connecting with each other, fostering sustainable behaviour, and having fun!

You and your local community can be involved in any part or all of this process in Dorset – UK

Step 1

Join our Boomerang Bags Community and establish a local work group in Dorset.  Let us know who and what your planning and we can help advise best solutions to get started.

Step 2

Set up some fabric drop points, we will add this location to our listings her on and on our FaceBook page and you can gather that material needed. Ask your community if they have a cupboard full of leftover quilting fabric, unwanted duvets or pillow cases? We together will will gladly give this pre-loved material and new home and new life!

Step 3

Arrange some dates and advertise via our Facebook Page.   Ask you community if they have a few spare hours up their sleeve.   It’s a fantastic social event and supports individuals that would like to help the community and have some quality social time with likeminded people.

Step 4

Arrange for the printed patches to be stent to you so you can finish the bags, yes we do this bit for you as it’s the only part that costs – we have the ink and stamps so its easier for us to send this bit readymade and that’s a plug-and-play service!

Step 5

Let us know the businesses that want to hand out the bags once made and we can send a template for the retail hangers or they can collect the hangers ready made from Dorchester.  The display is key to the advertising.

Step 6

Let us know how you are doing, we really need the number of bags and estimate of helpers involved and we will advertise this and add the information to the global network.


Where should people donate materials?:

Brace of Butchers (Naked), Damers First School, The Embroidery Barn, Dorchester Community Church.

Dorchester England GB
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